Ayesha Textile Processing industries (ATPI) commenced business operation in 1973. We specialized in dyeing, bleaching, Finishing of fabrics. Ayesha Textile Processing industries (ATPI) finished fabrics are exported to all corners of the globe including North America, Europe, Asia, For East, Middle East & Africa by our clients.

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Leading Industry (ATPI) of Fabric Dyeing Service, Fabric Bleaching Services and Fabric Processing Services from Pakistan.


in Dyeing, Finishing (cotton and blended) fabrics having capacity 30 Million Meters per annum, Ayesha Textile Processing industries is....


Relax Dryer: Combination of the steam and electrical/oil systems that reduce warm-up times and energy consumptions. To efficiently....


Competitiveness, in terms of quality and cost is the key to business growth. Our R&D division is the backbone of our company which is engaged....

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Competitiveness, in terms of quality and cost is the key to business growth. Our R&D division is the backbone of our company which is engaged unceasingly in improving existing products and introducing new products to meet quality requirements of some of the most demanding clients in the world.

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OVERVIEW With the production capacity of 2.5 million meters per month, Ayesha Textile Processing industries (ATPI) finds lt,s competitive edge in....


Ayesha Textile Processing industries (ATPI) rolls on its values of innovation, dedication, professionalism and a persistent quest for excellence to be....


Our machines are selected from world's top European brands and use dyes chemicals are purchased from well reputed companies....

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We have developed our relationship with ATPI over the past decade. The team at ATPI has regularly helped solve problems for us. ATPI is a industry leader in adding value and customer service. ATPI is a first class operation run by first class people that add value to our components. Without question they are at the top of their profession.
They are almost vertically integrated into our supply chain. I have always been pleased with the outcome of my orders. I would recommend Ayesha Textile Processing ind to others because they are a supplier one can count on to deliver quality products when they say they will.its higher quality standards and unique customer service.
My experience working with Ayesha Textile Processing ind has always been positive & productive. We do continuous business with Ayesha textile ind. quality assurance is one of the key success factor in business. ayesha textile . fulfil all parameters of qa. they are practically monitor all the process closely to ensure high quality production.